is a big fish 🐠 in the upcoming 10 release () bowl. It hopefully will feature five clients with this modern : , , + (all graphical), (command line), and (console), the latter two part of or

@debacle But OMEMO is still not supported by the default messengers of the big desktops KDE and Gnome. The same with GPG, which can also be used with XMPP.

@mase @debacle The big desktops are consumers of resources of a finite planet. Long life to tiled desktops!!! ;-)

Anybody experience with MUC vor Groupchat features supporting OMEMO?

@beli3ver @debacle jp is a #XMPP command line interface, the CLI frontend of the "Salut à Toi" project, and I'm the main developer if you have any question.


@debacle What about Profanity? Or does it not count because it uses an OMEMO plugin and not built-in support?

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