I'm using #XMPP for years and it works very fine, except under #iOS and #Windows


@JoergSorge @lachs0r Why not on Windows? My colleagues use on Windows and it seems to be fine.

#gajim is a great #App.
But for #beginners, it's complicated to start.
Fortunately the developers are doing a great job and paying attention to my questions 1/2

Why is it so hard for new users to use gajim on windows?
Why are not the basic plugins (OMEMO, URL-Preview) preinstalled?
Why are the status is set to offline on the beginning?
Why is there no eye catching button to start a new chat?
Why are chats/user not proerly listet in the main window?
Why are the history of messages is not simple scrollable?
Why are the keys in the standard setting not automatically trusted?

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