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@elthommy you can try #siskinim #xmpp ( ) - it's in active development (and #omemo is on it's way). If you have any issues with it just contact us.

> There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

@frommMoritz @robert Bei den git-master-Versionen von Gajim und Conversations soll Raum-Suche via eingebaut sein, hört man.

@elthommy No experience myself, but there is also for iOS and MacOSX

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Kaidan is now on the #Fediverse!

Kaidan is the new modern #XMPP client made with #Qt. It is usable on mobile & desktop platforms thanks to the convergent UI framework #Kirigami!

@61 Maybe that: XMPP is good for IM chat, think of "Whatsapp replacement". Matrix is more a "Slack replacement". You can have that with , too, of course.

@raichoo Any feature in any complex software needs permanent work. E.g. developers change APIs, then plugins must be changed accordingly. Because many XMPP client developers use OMEMO these days, they don't want to have additional (most of the time unpaid!) work to keep OTR code up to date. If somebody would do the work, OTR would remain. But it seems, that nobody cares enough. Maybe energy is better spend in adding OMEMO support to the clients, that don't have it yet?

@404_city @one
The question is: Why is XMPP federated and why do so many servers exist and federate successfully? And why is Matrix poorly federated and 99.8 % of all Matrix users are on
Because XMPP has, despite many issues and drawbacks, a very good, solid design. That's why you can run Ejabberd or Prosody on a Raspberry Pi and that's why a chat system with 1 billion users, WhatsApp, is based on XMPP.
Matrix is not bad and has a nice (but slow) client, but cannot compared to XMPP.

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Gut, der Weg zu den Wurzeln scheint auf jeden Fall kein breiter zu sein ;-) viele wandern offenbar nicht darauf

Meine #bckirche Session zu #xmpp als Grundlage für WA und die Frage ob das Original nicht buntere Blüten hat.


@frank Ja. Da manche Kollegen schon mal ihr Password vergessen, mache ich dann ein neues. Außerdem speichert z.B. Prosody Passwörter per default im Klartext, siehe

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Hi everybody,

I've decided to start a regular progress note on SàT, to show new features and explain design choices, you can find it at

Please let me know if you find it useful to see if I should continue :)

#XMPP #salutatoi #progress_note #communications #decentralization

@therealraccoon @cwebber How TOR friendly or unfriendly are Gajim and Dino? I use both, but not yes with TOR.

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@balouqlc @jr Danke für's Testen. Ein negatives Ergebnis ist ja auch eines. Hoffentlich kann der Entwickler das noch verbessern!

@balouqlc ist

Schreibe mir bitte nochmal, ich hatte den Spam-Filter etwas zu scharf geschaltet 😞

@balouqlc Falls Du Zeit und Lust hast, kannst Du das vielleicht mit vergleichen? UWPX ist auch für Windows 10, auch von nur einem Entwickler (@COM8), auch Open Source, aber XMPP statt Telegram. Am 2. April gab es ein neues Pre-Release. Ich habe kein Windows zum Testen...

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What did I discover at the #xmpp #sprint in #berlin?

#UWPX is an XMPP client for windows 10 devices like windows phones, computers and (I guess) X-Box consoles which looks really really good and even has support for #omemo!

Nice look over the rim of the tea cup and definitely something the XMPP ecosystem needs.

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