Debian bullseye reaches final milestone and is now fully frozen!

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@debian woohoo!!! can't wait to have testing get exciting again, have experimental stuff making it's way on down to unstable. i always wish these release cycles would come & go in shorter time frames, so testing & unstable could stay lively. but woohoo! congrats Bullseye! see you soon!

@jauntywunderkind420 @debian The long Debian-release cycle gives thousands of global volunteer package-maintainers a chance to pull their work together. Plenty of time for them to communicate requests upstream and etc. The rolling releases make such a large project possible.

@Delib @debian the long release cycle is fine. but the build up to hard freeze, the freeze itself: those periods where we slow down are agonizing to me.

i usually end up going & apt-pinning experimental onto my usually unstable running machines, as it feels like unstable starts really slowing down, in it's prep to move to test.

release doesn't necessarily have to mean unstable slows down, afaik, but it certainly feels that way to me.

nothing is too problematic about this, all in all it's a pretty great process. and i have this work-around of pinning experimental, so that's fine. it would be cool if we could shrink the freeze window, stay more actively rolling for longer, but i get it, it's fine.

@jauntywunderkind420 @debian Yeah, my sense is that the longer freeze means release-critical bugs get their required fixes. Unlike your use-case, I stick to Debian-stable, and only experiment cautiously (like when testing Mobian on pinephone) so I don't experience any inconvenience by freezes, that I know of.

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