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Last set of short talks for today: at 15:00 UTC in Drini: "What is DPKG_ROOT? And what is it not?" followed by "What's New in GNOME 42". In Lumbardhi, "Next steps for HA in Debian" at 15:00 UTC followed by "Outreachy Project: Yarn plugin to resolve node modules installed as Debian packages via apt", and in Ereniku the Debian Hamradio BoF will happen from 15:00 UTC until 16:00 UTC

At 13:00 UTC there will be the Diversity Team round table in Drini, the Debian Brasil BoF in Lumbardhi and the Debian Derivatives BoF in Ereniku. Follow the live streaming from website

After lunch we continue at 12:00 UTC with "Scalable Support for Linux Users: A Guide for Overwhelmed SysAdmins" in Drini. In Lumbardhi room, attendants will share interesting stories about travel to DebConfs in the "DebConf Travelogue" session, and the Python Team will have their BoF (discussion session) in Ereniku

Live at 09:00 UTC in , "pristine-lfs: a robust replacement for pristine-tar using Git LFS" in Drini, " current status and next steps" in Lumbardhi and the Local Teams BoF in Ereniku

Good morning from ! Today we will start at 08:00 UTC with the sound art performance "Debian: Resistance is Futile" in Drini room, the talk "Solving "How Can I Run Debian on My Chromebook?" For Good" in Lumbardhi and the BoF in Ereniku. See the schedule for today at

As a closing for today for our wider audience, last set of sessions at 15:00 UTC: "Lightning talks" in Drini, Community Team BoF in Lumbardhi and pkg-config / pkgconf BoF in Ereniku - attendants will later enjoy the Conference Dinner in Prizren.

At 13:00 UTC, "The current state of Debian on smartphones" in Drini, "GNU/Linux Adoption Policy" in Lumbardhi and Debian Science BoF in Ereniku

After lunch continues at 12:00 UTC with "Building the Cooperative Community Cloud with Debian" in Drini and the Ruby Team BoF in Ereniku

At 9:00 UTC we'll have the traditional talk "What's new in the Linux kernel (and what's missing in Debian)" in Drini, short talk "Building a busybox based Debian rootfs with mmdebstrap" followed by "debian/copyright improvement" at Lumbardhi and the Android tools BoF in Ereniku - to watch the live streaming, click on the room names in the schedule or from the homepage of website

Today we start with "Introduction to setting up the Debian Packaging Development Environment" at 8:00 UTC in Drini, "Debian Brazil: What's going on with our local communities" in Lumbardhi, Debian Long Term Support BoF in Ereniku and Youth visit in Mirusha (no streaming)

Good morning from Prizren! See the schedule for today Streaming of talks begin at 08:00 UTC

Today is the Day Trip. Conference attendees are spending some leisure time together, which helps to strengthen the community.

Unfortunately the talk "Debian, the project and the community mindset in Africa" in Drini has been cancelled

The final talks of day 4 in are at 15:00 UTC: "Debian, the project, and the community mindset in Africa" in Drini, "Meet the Technical Committee" in Lumbardhi, "use Perl; Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group" in Ereniku and "Puppet 7 packaging BoF" in Mirusha (no streaming)

Have you missed any of your favourite talks in ? You can still watch them: video team has you covered!

If you're attending in person and if you have previous DebConf T-shirts with you, please bring them for the group photo session. See

Second half of day 4 in starts at 12:00 UTC with talks "How Ubuntu and Debian GNOME work better together" and "Interoperability and the metaverse: Positioning Debian in the emerging ecosystem" at 13:00 UTC in Drini, spontaneous cross bulding BOF at 12:00 UTC and "Debian Academy BoF" at 13:00 UTC in Ereniku.

The Group photo of will be taken today after the talks, between 15:45 and 16:15 UTC.

At 9:00 UTC in "How Can We, Help You, Help Us, Help You...Help Us...Help You?" in Drini, "Running Debian Desktop in Containers" in Lumbardhi and "Best practice of using porterbox" in Ereniku

The fourth day of begins at 8:00 UTC with "Build Debian based embedded images in the cloud" in Drini, a talk about "How we are building our local community" in Lumbardhi and LXQt Team Bof in Ereniku. See the full schedule for today at

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