[Khushnood Butt]

"Khushnood was an apprentice of Ryo . When he became a belt, he opened a dojo in and started teaching Karate. To prove the might of the martial art, entered the " of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem" tournament. When he returned, he learned that all of his best students got beaten up by the "Gym ". Hearing that, he now seeks the ."

[We No Joke]

"Ma en dala ?
Na pou pou mèt dési twé !
Lé kom sa time la fine désidé
o Top a top !"

[Jacques Ducalis]

" is a successful and is now an in . In his mind, he thinks that a must evolve and that he wasn't evolving. So, when he a letter asking him to point the of his students to enter the , he pointed himself."


"He hails from a family that resides in and acts as a in the Dynasty. With his cunning battle and powerful , seeks to all of China. Hearing news of "powerful " gathering in , he sets out in hopes of them. After 's defeat, he fails to find any "powerful warriors"."

[. is an samurai introduced in Shodown Sen.]

"10 years prior to the events of the ,. was an unfortunate who washed up the shores of . To , he learns to wield a and lovingly names his . He eventually meets and falls in love with a and tries to buy her without much . Hearing of a reward for detailing the whereabouts of , he sets out in search of her"

[Heavy D]

"! was once a boxer, but was expelled from normal competition due to injuring a fighter during battle. He, Lucky , and Battler received an invitation to the KOF '94 , and the Sports Team"

[Le coup du patron]

"Okay, , ,
Pour mes , mes pules-cra, mes
Grosses dans le blue , grosse paire de à la
, j'suis à ce que est à "

[Golden Done]

"An amnesiac , nobody knows much about him except for and , who can apparently sense his nature. Despite his appearance, he desires nothing more than his in and is on a self given regarding the reappeared tyrant ."


", j'fais mon seille-o : , , ,
Toujours dans la , 9 milimètres, la balle te pénètre O.J
, zi-Ko, ndeko ah o moni ngai na moninga
, , prêt à te rentrer le et le fusil pour de la gars
La est comme les , cette voix "


" was the of a called Sons of Fate that controlled and kept it after Geese's death. Although he was a gang leader, he only used his to the and was by his followers for his warm ."


" his involvement with the brothers and their mentor , the brothers only saw a figure of 's stature during the time of the incident and initially mistaken for Fate's murder. This , however, was rewritten upon the sequel's release. His official nickname is The Hell Coughed Up."

[Doctor Brown]

" is a character who appears in several games as a heroic . A , he organized the Heroes tournament, helped the ninjas in Commando and Neo Geo Heroes in Neo Geo Heroes: Shooting. His appearance is most likely based on Doc Brown from to the series and Albert ."

[Overkills The Walking Dead - Aidan: The First Trailer]

" is one of four playable characters in , a multiplayer co-op action , where you and your fight the dead as well as the living. Set in The Dead Universe, you and your group tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic D.C."

[Skull and Bones: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer]

"Sail the seas of and , an naval open game set during the Age of in the and untamed of the ."

[Beyond Good & Evil 2: E3 2018 | Pre-Alpha Demo Walkthrough]

"Join our & 2 dev team as they walk you through their full E3 2018 for the first time! This previously unreleased pre- demo includes new updates such as community contributions submitted through ."

[Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Trailer Cinématique E3 2018]

" avec nous dans une épique dans l' vers le 3 pour le prequel du mythique jeu d' ! Dans & 2, vous votre propre , un de l'espace de choisir sa voie dans ce vaste ouvert."

[Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer - E3 2017]

"IT'S ! An -style trailer for the new and , which is a prequel to the and much-loved . It's once being lead by Michel - well, he's been leading it since the first , which was something like eight years ago."


" is the new of Arcade Mode! vs ! Did you like the alternate ending?"

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