People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.

@erdnaxeli @fedilab @Tusky while I agree with the logic, Tusky is specifically a Fediverse client. Though, that move is rather silly as it's trivial to remove the commit and rebrand Tusky.

@farhan @Tusky @fedilab @erdnaxeli It sets a crappy precedent for the apps. Gab's own apps have already been pulled from both app stores. The same thing can happen to these apps once they start connecting to it.

@bort @erdnaxeli @Tusky @fedilab I don't follow your second statement? Apps get pulled after what?

@farhan @fedilab @Tusky @erdnaxeli After they start being used for Gab. Apple and Google aren't going to give a crap if hate speech is involved. They are really aggressive on that. Would be a shame for all our mobile apps to be banned for one well known shitty server.

@bort @erdnaxeli @Tusky @fedilab I'm not understanding you. Why would all apps get banned? For connecting to Gab?

@farhan @fedilab @Tusky @erdnaxeli Because Gab's own app have already been banned. I'm not saying it will happen, but it can, Apple and Google are shit heads.
@farhan @Tusky @erdnaxeli @fedilab I don't really think developers (myself included) need to make it easy for some racist ass, Islamophobe, anti-LGBTQ+, etc., people to connect to the fediverse. They can still use gabs site. Doesn't mean we need to make it easy for them to come into our space to spread their hateful shit and attack us by providing them apps.

@erdnaxeli last year, there was a similar war about the same reasons between mastodon and pleroma (some said pleroma is used by nazis), so i'm not that surprised (unfortunately) 😕

Let's have all browsers stop access to Gab! And DNS servers! Let's have Ubuntu require a "Prove you're not a Nazi" button. xD
@fedilab @Tusky

@erdnaxeli I did the opposite. I quit using @Tusky and switched to @fedilab

While this is the second time the fedilab dev has caused concern by his actions, in both cases he seemed to ultimately make the reasonable decision. Ultimately, all any of these apps are for is to connect to an instance that I administrate meaning that I'm perfectly capable of blocking any 'harmful' content myself without the virtue signalling theatrics.
@dude @erdnaxeli @Tusky @fedilab what's funny I'm alt right and I use tusky but might switch to fedilab like tusky's dev team can't stop alt right and Nazis using there program even gab forked tusky via gabby

@erdnaxeli @fedilab @Tusky the fact that I've seen more hateful comments from the people in favor of the block than from these "Nazis" on the fediverse tells me that we have other things to worry about. I don't agree or support right-wing extremism but if the current fediverse population feels the need to be toxic like this I feel they'll fit right in to be honest.

@fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is ridicilous!

Imagine being offended by people being actively anti-fascist. :OMEGALUL:

@fedilab @Tusky @fuxoft just to be clear: I totally respect the decisions you both came to.

@Tusky @fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab The problem here is that I've seen more toxic reactions from anti-fascists in a reaction to people questioning whether the block is the right way of doing things than I've ever seen coming from fascists on the fediverse. If we're blocking fascists why can't we block people that feel the need to respond in such a toxic manner as well? They're not any better in their behaviour.

@Tusky @fuxoft @erdnaxeli @fedilab Another issue I haven't touched with this is that I did report those toots but the admin of the respective server simply told the user "a nazi tried to censor you by reporting you". This is reason enough for me to block that whole server as apparently that server accepts toxic behaviour from their users. I could submit a merge request to @Tusky to block that instance as well, but I fear the success rate of that would be next to nil. I'd love to hear otherwise!

@deutrino I don't think it's worth mentioning as it would only invite people to harass them for their (albeit questionable) choices.

@nvsr No worries. I was mostly just curious if I'd have a totally unsurprised reaction to the answer 😅


@fedilab @Tusky

There is no leftist licence ? Like a kind of licence which forbid capitalist or oppressive use of the code.

@heurrevex @fedilab @Tusky hmm I think I remember a license which was allowing "good utilisation" of the software, and people were getting mad about it ^^

@erdnaxeli so your answer to 'here is a non systematic way to deplatform nazi' is to say 'if it cannot be systematic, lets not deplatform nazi'.

What a shitty take.
Maybe you feel confident enough in your priviledge that you dont care about the nazi.

Most of the people on the fediverse dont have the priviledge.
Think about that for a day or two before you reply.

@erdnaxeli @fedilab @Tusky

The term Nazi gets thrown around too often. Some are just white supremacist some are just racist assholes, some are just right wing people who hate Nazis but are called Nazis because they don't adhere to the leftist ideology.

@erdnaxeli @fedilab @Tusky
The problem behind calling everyone nazi, incel, supremacist, etc is that this people is about 1% of population, the vast majority of people they call nazis are just because they don't agree with their regresive politics.

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