Exodus Privacy a partagé

Suite à notre bilan de fin d'année, nous sommes heureuses et heureux d'annoncer soutenir 3 associations qui partagent nos combats : @AssoEchap @Framasoft & @noybeu

Un montant de 999€ sera partagé à part égale.
Nous vous encourageons à aller voir leurs travaux et les soutenir !


We are working on reestablish the service. Thanks for your support.


Thanks for the URL, I did not saw the link, sorry.

Well with other member of @exodus we looked at this report and your write… and a little bit wrong in the same time (a Schrödinger error) 😉

If you pass you mouse over `WRITE_SETTINS` and `READ_SETIINGS` you will see that both of same does not came from the same component of the software.

I hop this answer will help you.

Thanks for contacting us, take care.



Did you have the report URL please? With more than 100 000 applications it's difficult to find one of them. 🙂

@gub @postroutine

Hvm…. On a dû loupé une marche.

Une piste pour analyser dans un cadre strictement légal, les applications iOS ?

Dear @exodus community,

You are just awesome!

During our submission outage, we reached 3000 followers in the fediverse.

If you agree, we send a kiss to each of you.

3000× 💋

Dear @exodus community,

The great work of your volunteer paid.

The application submission if reopen. \o/

Many thanks to all of you for your support, your patience and your good vibrations for us.

Happy submission.

@claudius @aral

Could be an idea but… In fact no.

We need to have a single way to grab apks. And the most used is Google Play. With this method, we can guaranty that we download exactly the same apk as every body.

Dear @exodus community,

Thanks for all your kind messages during the night (in France). We really appreciate, you are very precious (my precious…) for us.

Kisses if you want them.


We use gpapi now and we will try those patches.

Stay tune.


We will try to share in infos with them…

Let see… 🙂

@critical @neo

In fact @fdroidorg already use @exodus tools in there process.

Downloading apks from them and retest them is not our first goal.

We recently add the ability to analyze applications from F-Droid.

Sorry for them and for us, but F-droid is not the first store for many many people. We have to act as "ordinary people" and grab apk form the same source.

Exodus Privacy a partagé

So anyone with a helping hand and experience with accessing Google Play Store to extract APKs (and app details): @exodus needs help! Please meet them at IRC (irc://libera.chat#exodus-privacy) for details.

TL;DR is they no longer can extract APKs for some reason – and thus cannot support us with their essential and useful details on trackers in apps for new APKs.

#callOut #privacy #helpWanted

Dear @exodus community,

As your saw, seen now 5 days, submission of new applications on the platform is disabled.

In fact Google reject all our download APK download request.
We change the password of our accounts, we made several Google verification but nothing seems to work more than one hour.

We are looking for a solution or a workaround, but as you know we are all volunteers and our free time is not expandable to infinite. We need to take care of us, our family and friends.


We work hard to find a solution. We are all very sorry about this inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience and your support.


Ne pas confondre le nombfre d'applications analysés (un peu plsu de 100 000 à ce jour) et le nombre de rapports.

Certaines applications ont plusieurs rapport (1 par version analysé).


[EN] You're awesome… the εxodus platerform reached 200 000 reports last week-end. Damn it you're so amazing… we love you! 💓

[FR] Vous êtes incroyable. Le week-end dernier, la plateforme εxodus à franchie la barre des 200 000 rapports.
Vous êtes tellement dément. On vous aime 💓

Notre assemblée générale au eu lieu hier. Après un bilan de l'année passée, nous avons élaboré notre stratégie à venir et élu notre bureau. Félicitation à @LovisIX notre nouveau président, @codeurimpulsif notre secrétaire, @imriel, notre trésorier, ainsi que toutes les autres personnes membres du bureau : @U039b, pnu, Martoni et @CapsLock !


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