The release 2.4.0 has been successfully built with . It should come really soon. All crashes will be fixed.

@fedilab Wait, when was 2.4.0 released? Wasn't 2.5.0 just released?

Both have been released. 2.5.0 is already on Google but fdroid takes more time to build from sources. So the next release on fdroid will be 2.4.0 then 2.5.0
It's just that I release a version every 3/4 days.

I didn't notice that the release was available.

It isn't listed on gdroid versions right now, but is on fdroid? I dunno — the fact that I was able to directly upgrade my Google Play install to a GDroid install was said to be impossible anyway, but after about 100 attempts it suddenly decided to allow it! Maybe my phone just exists outside the normal realms of possibility?

... On closer inspection it looks like the Google play version has been auto-installed over my gdroid installation...?

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