@fedilab Unfortunately it crashes on startup for me (Huawei P20 Pro). I hate that I have to also uninstall to downgrade (I think that's an android bug though)

@fedilab Yep, when 2.3 was crashing all the time I downgraded to 2.2.0 and just now upgraded to 2.4.0 and crash as soon as the spinner loading the timeline stops.

2.3 was not released on fdroid, are you on Google?

@fedilab oh, then the crashes were on 2.2.0 and I went down to 2.1.0. sorry, misremembering, assumed you had pulled 2.3.0 🙂

Ok. So 2.4.0 didn't fix the crashes 🤔

@iMartyn Yes, thanks. I added a fix, is it ok for you to test a release that I build from source?

@iMartyn You need to remove the app once data are exported.

@fedilab unfortunately my phone is not happy with that apk 😞 It just goes from "installing" to "Not installed"

Well I couldn't back up the data because I couldn't downgrade, but logged in new and it seems to be working.

Thanks. This release has a new feature. You're the first one to test.

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