Did you know that you can filter your followed instances (Mastodon and Pleroma) with tags? Just long press the tab and define keywords with a blank separator. Then click on a keyword to filter it.

Just remove the condition in login activity.

@fedilab I probably will do if I can find time.

Maintained forks isn't hard, particularly with suitable automation.

What you're doing here feels like malicious compliance - complying with the "law" of GPL free software, without complying with the principle - that software should respect user's freedoms.

It just seems silly.

Is it not my freedom to avoid the app being banned from other markets?
Many people told me the same thing and maybe one of them will maintain a fork of an app in the market. So everyone will be happy.

@fedilab Sure it's your freedom - to take away user's freedom.

But folks are not going to celebrate that kind of behavior.

It makes me sad to see good projects fall for petty tribalism.

Anyway, despite my objections, I want to complement you on your work so far. #fedilab is an amazing achievement, and we're grateful for it.

If I did fork it, there would only be respect from my side - I just think you've made the wrong call on this Gab thing.

Users should be free to decide.

@jhol I am waiting a reply for seing clearer in this story.

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