A bug with ? Though it rarely happ..., OK no, please submit it there: thank you :)

The link is broken. Actually, it's not. There's a bug in Fedilab that causes truncated links not to be expanded when you tap them inline. The work around is to open the message and tap on the preview, but tapping links directly broke in the last few weeks

Links work, they are only visually truncated. No?

The one you sent actually did work, so it's probably in the server software of one person who sends me a lot of links. I'll create an issue if I can duplicate it with a different sender

Not naming names...
/cc @bhaugen
#CommonsPub :awesome:

So my server software is sending you links that look broken but aren't?

The one in the OP of this thread-when-expanded does not look broken to me. Or is that not what you meant?


The link you sent me this morning is only accessible when I load the message to view directly and tap the preview. If I tap the truncated URL in the message body, it attempts to load the truncated URL. This indicates that the correct URL is available, probably in the source attribute, but the content attribute contains the truncated URL in the href as well as the link text. A client may work around this by rendering source

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