I will stop here with by removing the block feature inside the app in the next release.

My motivations:

- I didn't receive a reply from Google policy team about a potential ban of the application.
- Without the previous risk, I clearly think that's not my role. I can't hard-code instance blocks especially when every tools are here for that.
- If you want a strong block, it's in the hands of social network developers or your admins.

That's over

I would only block an instance if I receive a clear ban warning from a store.
Without that it will be out of my role.

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@fedilab bye fedilab.

Glad to know you're cool with your work being used to connect fascists.

Sure, we can block them here, but they can still have their echo chamber where they build each other up using your software.

And, yeah sure, they can access through other means, but you gave them another avenue of access that you could have stopped.

You're shit. Good to know.

Does your social network plan to ban them (devs)? No, afaik. Did you plan to change/move too?

@fedilab no.

Because you're giving them ability to exist.

Which means you're condoning them and their actions.

The whole point of federated social media like this was so that we could take back control and have it be more personal and less corporate.

And you decided to act like a corporation, by deciding their clicks were more important than user safety.

Thanks for aiding fascists!!!!

@magicalmilly @fedilab If you wish to block them from the internet feel free to write a letter to your politicians with the request of implementing rigorous filtering of the internet. Why bother blocking in a single app if you can do it so much more effectively?

@nvsr @fedilab cool to know no progress is better to you than some progress.

Go fuck yourself.

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@fedilab @magicalmilly

Wow... Thats really disheartening to hear from the app I use for mobile. I understand the stance of "There are already tools for that", but this isn't some new policy that could affect many. Its a single group/forum that has hosted so much hate against our communities.

I live in socal, and Blaze Bernstein was killed in my old city last year. His death as a jewish queer teenager by the group Atomwaffen was lauded across Gab as a victory for white supremacists. The posts were never hindered, censured, or stopped by the admins or host. <----- These are the people your choosing to take a stand for and say, "Hey, maybe some people do want the access to reach these people".

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@Electronic_Bunny @fedilab exactly!

It's... its inexcusable. and it's disgusting that it's being allowed to have any platform, and that putting blocks in their way to stop them from congregating isn't the automatic reaction to them trying to come over here.

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@magicalmilly @Electronic_Bunny @fedilab Admitting it's something you don't have to control is different than standing for.
Fedilab is a tool. Tom is coding a tool. That's all. Like is the computer you and Gab users use to type your disrespectful comments. Should we remove computers because some people can type idiot things on it?
We need to be a minimum serious.
You won't eradicate fascism by acting like a fascist (wanting to eradicate someone else opinion is fascist). [1/2]

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@magicalmilly @Electronic_Bunny @fedilab So please. We understood your point. Lot of people have not the same opinion and that's all. You don't need to get upset all the night during. Neither to tell us you are upset. We understood. Remove Fedilab on your smartphone and download another one. [2/2]

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@booteille @magicalmilly @fedilab

How is blocking a single known server the same as getting rid of all computers?

What your describing isn't the situation. We are talking about a single community that has had a history of murder and extreme violence.

"Should we remove computers because some people can type idiot things on it?" is one of the most dishonest arguments/comparisons on this issue.

@magicalmilly @fedilab Why aren't you holding Mastodon to the same standards? Gab is using Mastodon. @gargron isn't preventing them from using his software which means he's part of the problem and supports Nazis. Additionally, you're part of the problem by using software that is used by Nazis.

@USBloveDog so is allowing nazis.

glad you think me being blunt about a mistake is worse than the fact that he's going to let nazis on his platform because he's too lazy to remove them.

@magicalmilly Gab has some Nazis on it. Twitter has some Nazis, the leaders of the murderous genocidal Iranian government, and many other horrible people.
The internet was created to allow communication and little else. The best answer to bad people posting bad things is replying to them intelligently to rebut what they said. Not censorship. Censorship is the easy answer that never works.

@magicalmilly @fedilab you're gonna stop using a free program just because you dont like how the dev doesnt cater to your every whim, good to know

youre welcome to fork and publish and use your locked-down version of fedilab, just dont expect anyone to side with your version long-term



Well I know who should be banned for such a rude answer 😉

Blame the app dev for asking? Seriously? 🖕

@fedilab I think you took the right decision. I don't think it's your role to judge who I have to be able to see or not. Your role is to give me access to Fediverse, that's all. Thanks for taking that much care about users of your app, Tom! I really appreciate all the hard work you make with Fedilab!


I think that a good decision, it's not up to you or any developer to choose if a software must block or not something. A tool must be apolitical.
It's administrator's job to make that choice.

Btw, Fedilab still the best app to interact with the fedivers (and it will be incredible when pixelfed api will be available).


@fedilab Did Google ever really have cause to remove it in the first place? They won't remove an app for being used a certain way, will they?

They did so for Tumblr, causing the pornographic content ban on tumblr.
(Not sure if Google or Apple).

But I think they never blocked a generic client like a browser or mail program, just because it can be used to access banned content somewhere on the web.

@fedilab if you had never blocked it wouldn't be that bigger deal, but unblocking them is giving into the fascists

What gives you the right to blanket label people that way?

I have a Gab account - and I am decidedly not a fascist. Everyone I followed there is certainly not a fascist.

I don't know who *is* a fascist on Gab... though I don't use it very much


Thank you.

In these polarized times, it makes an important statement: that users should be free to choose who they listen to, and that we are all human and can share the benefits of wonderful free software like #fedilab

@jhol @fedilab Well said. it's important to see both sides of an argument so people can form a well informed opinion. I wish people would understand this works both ways instead of attacking people for it.

@fedilab thank you for taking the action that you feel is right. Fedilab is your software, developed by you, and you have the right to make decisions about how it functions.

Sorry but if you think it's a sensible idea to enable (and thus support) a network of Nazis and people who dispute others right to life on the basis of their heritage, skin color or sexuality your wrong. I can't in no good conscience use or recommend fedilab under this circumstances but have to actively warn people. Very sorry I've liked fedilab from the beginning.

@sandzwerg @fedilab I warmly recommend fedilab, because it doesn't hide the negative aspects of society like the big corporations and cucks who want to disneyfy everything until the entire world is fucking Goofy.

No, he isn't supporting those bastards. It is not his responsibility as an app developer for a "fediverseinteractor" to keep the fediverse safe from racism, bigotry, etc. It is ours, the users. That's the point of federation. Let the idiots have their playground, but don't let them spill their poison in our soup. Ask your instance admin to ban this f**kers, that's the right place.

@sthaydn @fedilab everyone needs to do his part and he's neglecting to do his.

I understand your motivation. And you are right that everyone should take responsibility. But still I think there is no need to integrate it inside the app. And after reading a lot of threads about it, I got the impression we are on gab right now. Please calm down everyone.
@fedilab is aware of his responsibility, and sure will take actions his way.

Based on your logic, @torproject should start blocking to the left and to the right various bad people as well.
How far can you go with that? America should block some south States for supporting Confederates?
Humanity should block sex, cause there are so many bad people have appeared in the result of sex?

@Azt3c @torproject @fedilab your comparison is bad and don't hold up at all. But yes you punch Nexus you don't fuck them.

@fedilab The choice is yours.

If you ever decide to change your mind, my blog post defending Tusky's choice could easily apply to your app too:

I don't support that bastards at all. But I support you in your decision.

@fedilab thank you for showing your position, personal beliefs, and character with this decision. It has shown me that we have very different beliefs about what the role of an app developer & fediverse participant is, and what it should be. I appreciate this transparency.

If you revisit this decision in the future I'll reconsider your position with good faith and no prejudice.

For now though you're out of my use and recommendation list.

@fedilab @norayr հիմա գաբը թութում արգելվա՞ծ ա

@fedilab why are you so against blocking nazis from using ur app

@fedilab So this is the depths of your virtue?
It is not perfection that I think most of us were hoping for, but for the earnest participation in this process.

You are between a hammer and a hard place here. Whatever you choose, someone is going to be upset. I can actually see both sides of all this "blocking" argument, so I am going to conratulate you on whatever wrong decision you make. No regrets.

I have to wonder how you'll feel when gab is promoting your app as the preferred way for its users to access the fediverse. When you see that spike of downloads, and know why. I know this isn't the kind of problem you ever thought you'd have to deal with, but I know how I'd feel.

@fedilab Guess what: You are a social network developer. We are asking for a strong block. You are refusing it.

@fedilab That's a very bad decision.

This means I also stop translating Fedilab from now on. Or someone needs to make a fork.

@fedilab You might be right with blocking G*b not being 100% effective.
But I think that Fedilab being Free Software, giving someone else the possibility to just remove the block, makes it even more important for you to block that site. Because that makes it a clear statement of speaking out against a company trying to get money out of enabling fucking Nazis!
If you do not want to make that statement, I have to accept that. But that is a statement by itself as well.

@fedilab Also remember: G*b is a commercial company trying to gain money by taking over Fediverse infra. Even if folks evade the G*b block by switching to other instances, it hurts a company trying to gain money out of hate.

@fedilab based and redpilled, dont listen to those haters
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