I lost time to reply to accounts that finally mentioned me once and blocked my account after. In this case, I do miss the "blocked by" feature for not losing my time.

I won't do a poll for implementing it. A message will be displayed when composing a toot for warning it's useless to reply.

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@fedilab It's quite annoying indeed. Drive-by harassment like that is useless and is one of the reasons I think we have a larger problem than just "nazis" on this platform.

@fedilab can it say something like "This user is no longer available." That way it could apply to users who have blocked you, as well as users that have deleted/moved their account. I also find it frustrating when I've replied to a deleted toot and the only response is that it won't send. (That's in Whalebird)

Yes, I could try for a larger scope (I will try for deleted ones by checking the original URLs).

@fedilab @Xantulon I don't know if it's possible with the API but checking for moved accounts would also be nice. Perhaps it could automatically suggest tagging the new account?

Yes, I thought to automatically forward the message to the new account.

@fedilab inb4 people who burned all their political capital by being assholes to you get pissed off about this

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