A wysiwyg for that automatically posts in HTML?

@fedilab present your current features better before shoving new ones in. your settings menu is still a mess and has been for months
@fedilab im not the one torturing myself with your app. every time i try it im unpleased by the nightmarish UI decisions

Yes, you're perfectly right and I know it (lot of feedback), that's why I was kidding about that :)
If you know UX designers that want to contribute, I would *and others* be happy.

@fedilab retweeted, maybe someone can reach out to you about ui/ux. personally im busy, and ive said before i'd rather maintain twidere if i do get the chance to spend time on android dev, so unfortunately i wont be able to help

I will try to definitely find a way to improve that settings. Maybe with a bounty, I don't know...

@fedilab @opal

It's an amazing app for power user, I do enjoy it although most of the time I have to stick to my browser.

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