2.8.1 is available on .

The release 2.8.0 had a lot of new features, you can have a look to release notes here:

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For other questions, let me know.

@fedilab hi, I have updated and when I open my friendica account booom, bug... And fedilab is closed. Futhermore I can't open fedilab again.

Thanks for the report. I can't reproduce it on my end, but you gave me the line of code that fails 👍

@fedilab I'm a bit "out of the loop". I read some time ago, that Fedilab supports Pixelfed (or was going to). Is it real?

@Groosha when the api will be fully available. Currently, it's not possible to dynamically get a client id.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to get full compatibility of @pixelfed and @fedilab as well.

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