I will need some beta testers using the paid app. You can opt-in in the app description. Thanks.

@fedilab Would it be a problem, to offer something similiar for installations via F-Droid?

@dirk I need time for deploying the beta channel with fdroid

@fedilab Maybe similar to the Nextcloud app. There is a stable and a dev version in F-droid. @dirk

@mase @fedilab I just wanted to throw a little amount of money on the project.

@dirk I need to check recent API updates, I hope I could offer more features with it (especially the follow instance feature).

As you know, I am always glad if I can help. And yes, I am Beta user of the paid GPlay version. My preferred discussion platform is XMPP, like last time 😎

Account selection feature via short selection with avatars often flashes and disappears.

Planned toot feature did not work yesterday, no error message, just no post.

Often the newest toot shows 1+ for replies, which is not true and then disappeares.

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