You often mention as battery drain. That's due the use of websockets with the streaming API (for live notifications). The app doesn't use third party libraries such Firebase (for tracking purposes). So, I made things clearer in settings with a dedicated entry. Now, unclear or unknown features will have a description.
Translators contributed a lot for these new strings, thank you for their work 👍

The pace of Fedilab's development is inspiring. Thank you.

I hope this includes a fix for the notification channels on Android 9.

Pretty much all notifications channels are missing here and I don't get notifications with 2.8.1 (probably because of this).

I personally use Android 9 and I don't get this issue. Channels are created when the first notification is sent (ie follow, mention, etc.)
Make sure the app is not blocked by the battery saver.

Notifications seem to be working.

There is still the issue though that I can't adjust the channels until the first notification did happen.

Tapping the button in the settings does nothing because the channel doesn't exist yet.

Yes, I create them only when a notification happens. I will plan to change that.

Yes. Once I had the app open, it burnt through my battery like crazy. My phone got so hot i was scared. I had to uninstall it.
Is the version 2.8.1 (02 Jul) better. I will try later.

@fedilab Oh Sweet! I though my phone was just broken. This is exactly what I needed!

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