Oh well! The free version of has been removed by Google.

I know people started to report it. But... Why the reason is for "payments policy violation"? I appealed for that but I will not re-upload anything for this version.

Don't forget to get it with : f-droid.org/en/packages/fr.gou

or the version built from sources. Follow @mastalab for links to apk.

Strangely, the paid version is not *currently* affected.

@fedilab @mastalab
you had both a free version and a paid version on g-play? was there a difference between the 2?

@falgn0n The free version is no longer maintained. It allows users to test it and then, they can get the up-to-date one with FDroid for free or pay a little amount to get the one which is up-to-date.

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