Did you make a setting to turn off action notifications?

This release was published before you asked me this improvement. But I already added your suggestion to turn off toast messages. It will be in the next release.

@fedilab question i need to delete what i have on my phone and download this one?

That depends. If you use the paid version, this version is not deleted by Google. If you want to switch on Fdroid. You need first to export your data (open the main menu -> three vertical dots -> export data). Then delete the app. Install the new one from fdroid and in the login page, click on three vertical dots, import data and select the previous file that was created. You will retrieve all your data.

@fedilab yeah paid version do i need to update it or no?

Strangely, this one was not affected by Google. So you don't need to move. Google Play releases come faster so you should already run 2.9.1

hi. fedilab is a great app, but seems to have a small problem: the built-in browser doesn't know how to use the orbot socks proxy on port 9050.

i.e. most of fedilab can use either http/8118 or socks/9050. but the built-in browser can only use http/8118.

that might confuse those who configure fedilab to use orbot/socks/9050 and then can't log in. so i just thought i'd notify you in case you were unaware of it.


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