In the next release, I will enable to discover peertube instances. Due to my recent choice, I guess some admins that wanted to see their instance inside the app no longer agree. You can reply to this thread publicly or in private.
I will only accept instances that do use moderation, with no content unsafe for minors, that does respect everyones and that have been run since few months.

@fedilab It seems if you are going to have a "no content unsafe for minors" policy it would be nice to have that spelled out. Obviously people engaging in sexual activity would fit the bill, but what about sex education, violence video games, etc.?

Violence video games are excluded. Or any other content that can hurt whatever the age.

@fedilab i dont know much about peer tube but why moderate it
Or could u add the option to allow any federated instances no matter what it breaks

You can already do that by following instances (pick-up any peertube instances). Here, it's about adding instances for all inside the app.

@fedilab ah I like that
I'm very great full for the pro user experience of fedilab

@fedilab why not just have a nsfw option in the settings to block adult or mature content?

How does that work? For which feature are those instances discovered. Why is there a domain list curated by you and not our servers?

It uses the public timeline api. Then, the app will federate statuses and accounts as soon as there is an interaction (follow, boost, fav, reply..)

You can already follow instances in the reorder timelines activity from the drawer menu.

@fedilab wouldn't it be easier to just have those instances expose some metadata that they don't want to be crawled/discovered... maybe in robots.txt ... and you could use that as the basis for inclusion?

My idea is to make that as simple as possible. Currently, any peertube instances can be followed. Here, it's about hard-coded instances that will be suggested. So I do need moderation. I didn't get feedback from previous admins but I got new ones. Their instances will be picked up randomly when starting the app, and people will be able to interact with that instances even with Mastodon accounts. That will increase the federation.

@fedilab yeah but this will have to be repeated for every app. It's unsustainable. We need an automated way for instances to opt out of being recommended or indexed.
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