What is your favourite Mastodon mobile app? It will help us prioritize testing/compliance with Pixelfed.

(Tusky is not listed because we are already testing it)


Sad to see that Fedilab is not even mentioned. Like if all my previous work has been forgotten. Well, even if I don't get help, I will keep doing my best for having Pixelfed working with Fedilab.



quoted "I'm already testing Fedilab, I have never used the 4 apps in the poll."

Hopefully not forgotten 😎

True @pixelfed. I'l using Fedilab for auite some time now and it is quite a sokid app.

List looks skewed. Half of the comments mention the absence of Fedilab.

Maybe it's because of the stupid "Fedilab doesn't block Gab" stuff again?

Don't be upset too much, @pixelfed has mentioned he is already testing Fedilab 🙂
But yeah, this poll has confused a lot of people.

@fedilab As mentioned before, Fedilab is being tested along side Tusky. You're the first app developer who added Pixelfed support months ago, we have not forgotten that!

Thank you! I am sorry, I wrote this message before seing your reply to someone on this post. I do know that you have always supported work of app developers.
Fedilab will not be a dedicated app but pixelfed will have its dedicated entry. And I am happy to offer it through your work and help.

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