@fedilab You got sincerest apologies from the thread creator and offer to undo the dammage it caused to you. Everything is ending well finally

@fedilab Laisse tomber, il y a des gens qui ont du temps à consacrer pour autre chose.

@fedilab Se taper des pavés à propos de Gab en anglais, franchement c'est du courage. Bref.

@fedilab Tu fais tout, tu fais le support pour l'app, l'avocat, le dev, le CM, le … bezzaf, faut partir en vacances et se débrancher de BFMmasto et nous poster des photos de chatons corses ou je ne sais quoi.

Pareil que Buffy ^^ et beaucoup de soutient a toi. Merci pour cette super app <3

+1 what Bubu wrote.

Such threads make me angry 😑

People try to convince others of their view. Different view = support for racism 🥳🥳Awesome!

To be honest Tom, leave them alone.. you can't win..

Oh dear! What a bunch of pathetic tossers! 🙄

As someone of a certain age already, I can foresee their life path: empty and filled with bitterness because everything is somebody else's fault. Americans have a term for this: losers. It does not begin to describe these little imbeciles.

It sucks that some other losers may be using your app to make fools of themselves, but that's the nature of the game.

Courage mon gars, et merci pour cette app ! 👍

@fedilab isn't that pretty obviously a troll post? i would laugh it off and move on

I'm glad that you made the decision as the client developer to not limit the app. I don't use Gab and I hate the nazis but still support your decision. it's not the developer's job to worry about who's using the software and how, people who argue otherwise do not understand free software
@fedilab my own pet project is a mastodon client that represents a
user's .. experience .. as a filesystem, read/write files & directories to interact with fediverse

I'm certain that people could abuse it by stalking people with it piss easy, scraping the network, scripting all kinds of nasty shit, but OTOH ? that's on them not me, and people who want to do nasty shit will do it regardless of my involvement

We never blame Tim Burners-Lee for the drug deals, terrorism, child porn on the WWW... nor do we blame Gutenberg for every obscene and evil piece of printed material on the planet. We are the tool makers and engineers, our primary duty is to make good tools. Let the cops worry about enforcing ethics and laws and peacekeeping.

so many people on Mastodon would not survive in IRC or USENET lol


to much rassism against white people because they are white. these people uses rassism against some white ones only because they are white. keep your way.

@kmj @fedilab Keep it your way, in the end of the day it's just a bunch of young people advocating based on a double moral point of mindset.

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