I will try to speed up the application. I am late in my releases frequency, but I fixed and improved several elements.
Also, the "news" timelines will work for everyone, so you will be able to keep an eye on improvements, tips, fixes...

> am late
dw, things usually take longer than planned...

Hey, thanks Tom! :)

I also do not think your release schedule is slow! But then, I'm a Debian user....

@frankiesaxx 😁
I was used to publish two releases a week :)
But some annoying bugs are already fixed and I didn't publish the fix yet. I should be able to publish something tomorrow or Saturday.

Seriously, thanks for all the time and work you put in. Fedilab is great software and if I'm ever in the neighborhood of where you are, I'll totally buy you a beer or coffee or wine or bubble tea or whatever it is you like to drink :)

That would be a pleasure. Let's go for a beer 🍻

I reckon the releases are frequent enough🙂
...just don't burnt yourself with pushing hard, OK?🙂

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