will not have the antifeature on . I am happy for that, but it's far from being fulfilled. If one day, I could make people trust me that building a safe place is on their hands with the help of every developers, that would be a great moment for sharing our trust in each other.


Good grief. Such rhetoric on that thread.

It feels like some of these folks need to wind it back a bit, otherwise they'll have a "boy who cried wolf" situation if anyone really does come and persecute them

@jhol @fedilab I tried to speak to some of them about how it is not a good idea to attack and use derogatory words against someone who pretty much are an ally. I had to give up.... and now I don't really listen to anything that comes from that camp.

Their intentions is good but they go about the issue the wrong way.

@shellkr @fedilab I don't think their intentions are good. If they were, they'd actually care about the impact of their actions, and the people they throw these wild accusations at.

It's all just a power game as far as I can tell

@jhol @fedilab Working in the interests of the marginalized is _a good_ in my book. Their strategy is however counterproductive..

The thread is scary.
"That is why app developers need to be held accountable. And ultimately, once we get the smaller app developers together, we can then concentrate on taking on the larger ones like browsers."
Didn't the people learn anything from article 13, NetzDG and von der Leyen's attemps to put stop signs on websites?

Isn't this thread over yet? OMG. People need to take a breath. Why annoy people who didn't do anything against them instead of those who target them?
I hope you don't take too much attention on that, Tom. It doesn't deserve too much energy in my opinion.

@booteille @fedilab
Problem is that people -and politics too- often mistake tools with ideas.
Having a knife in your hand does not mean you'll surely kill someone.

I agree. Even if tools can sometimes be made with a particular intention (i.e guns) and so I accept to want to forbid them, those who are made with no particular offensive attention should not be blamed. (i.e computers)

Rationalizing with these people seems basically impossible. Any attempt at discourse or alternate viewpoints ends with them banning you off their platforms. Avoid witches.live

I wouldn't worry about insulters. Some people just try to get everyone to do what they want by insulting them, if they don't...
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