This feature asked to Gargron 🙄

One of the reasons that made me remove the custom user agent from the app. Just for avoiding unfair blocks.

@fedilab He should get together with the guy on Twitter who thinks it's his job is policing how other men carry their papers around. They could form a club. XD

@frankiesaxx @fedilab

Maybe if more people join the club, they can vote on what is fake news and what isn't.

And they can have a sister organization that criticizes strangers' footwear!

@fedilab It's insane that there's all this hostility around an app, specifically your app. Not to sound too paranoid, but I think that China and Microsoft are partially behind the attacks against the "open" fediverse.

Gargron, whether he's aware of it or not, is taking Mastodon in a dangerous direction. I don't think it's fair to you at all to be smeared for your app, and it is incredibly unnerving to me that they are now going after F-droid. You just made a good tool and shared it with the world. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight despite their harassment.

@fedilab Yes, it's deeply unfair to have a way to choose not to talk to certain people.

@fedilab These people are beyond ridiculous at this point.

This is a complete joke. Communist crusaders, that's what they are. Talk about fascism and then do everything in their power to destroy people that don't conform to their demands. They are the ones harassing people, on the grounds of protecting you from harassment. If they had their way it would be firing squads and gulags, just like every country they ever came to power in.

The silver lining is all they will acomplish is blacklisting themselves out of the federation. Good riddance.

@fedilab some people need some away time from the computer and need to be exposed to the real world. How do they function?

@fedilab isn't it within the right of the user to do that, though? "fairness" of the block is irrelevant. if I could mute every post made via "Mastodon Twitter Crossposter" or via "Moa", I would gladly do so.

You read the link I attached. It's not about that point.

@fedilab Yes, I read it. It is irrelevant why a user wishes to filter out certain clients -- that is their choice. If they do not wish to see Fedilab users, for whatever reason, that is up to them. I understand it is hard to be impartial about this when it is your app that is being discussed in negative terms, but the base request is not invalid.

Because you also forgot that Fedilab is two years old and many people use it. That means blocking cool and nice accounts simply because they use Fedilab since years.
But, no matter, if an instance blocks the use of an app, it's easy to detect and create another client id. That will be transparent for the end user.
Also, people can hide the app that they use :)
I am ready to work on that if needed.

@fedilab It does not matter how cool or nice someone is -- if someone else wants to block them, they can do so for any reason. 🤷 Does Fedilab display app-names? If so, it is no different than what is being requested.

@trwnh yes, but the query looks like more an automatic way.

Obviously, next they will start to block anyone who is not using one of the party approved clients. Well, I'd say let them build a wall around their garden. But if you want to resist that, you'll probably want an ability to return a custom client string, not just null.

Okay, let me get this straight. There's open source apps that can be forked, modified and republished so that the users could, in theory, change the user agent to whatever they want.

Does user agent blocking have ANY significance at all?

>Does user agent blocking have ANY significance at all?

No, like blocking instances login. But if some admins try to block requests having a user agent containing Fedilab, the app will not be impacted.

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