I need to automatically restart my apache service on the crontab otherwise the service is regularly taken down 😔
It's used for Pleroma, Pixelfed and Peertube but there is one account only in each instance.

@fedilab Do you have an error from Apache, either in /var/log/apache or using systemctl status apache2 after it is took down? (I’m assuming a Debian / Ubuntu server)

I will check that. But error from apache didn't give me details.

@fedilab Can you use something like monit to monitor if httpd is responding, and automatically restarting it?

Currently my cron command works but that's ugly :(

@fedilab @fireglow A maybe a bit easier way would be setting up to restart Apache when it crashes. But as Apache should never crash without a reason, I would really check the errorlog or syslog

No :( I split errors log files depending of the subdomain. I will check deeper though.

apache normally never dies without error.log, except sig11 or like this in syslog. cron restart script is emergency backup, you must get apache to not die, which is abnormal.

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