Would you trust a site that schedules your messages but everything is stored in a db?

@fedilab Depends probably on the site. I don't care about the toot because this will be public anyway. But giving the site access to my Mastodon account is more challenging. I would probably rather use Fedilab instead of a "random" site. In a perfect world the Mastodon web interface would support this out-of-the-box. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to happen soon. :(

I agree. Fedilab uses that data which are only stored on the device. Sharing these data on a remote server is another matter (even if trusted).
That's why the website that allows to schedule messages doesn't store anything, but it's limited to instances supporting the schedule feature.

@fedilab It would be better if the scheduled messages could be a fedilab feature ;)

Yes, I should think to implement that. A server side, and why not from the device. It sounds crazy but why not 🤔

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