Hey @switchingsocial,
Why removing Fedilab from

It was previously listed as an app in the Mastodon page, also for Peertube and Friendica.


I think it might be better to discuss this in private?

I'll DM you.

I'd like to know too, could you post the DM's after at least?

@alexa @fedilab

No, I don't think it's useful to discuss this in public. It will simply turn nasty.

@alexa @fedilab @switchingsocial knowing what they've said about the situation in the past, that's probably it

Yeah if it was a good reason they'd either post (like they disagreed with the functionality of the app) or immediately contact the developer (for a security vulnerability). Trying to hide your reason for delisting something is just shitty.
@switchingsocial @fedilab

@alexa @fedilab @bigl0af

How can I be hiding the reason if I'm telling the person about it directly?

There's such a thing as topics appropriate for public discussion and topics that aren't.

Hiding from the public. You don't want me or anyone other than Fedilab to know.
@fedilab @bigl0af
@switchingsocial @bigl0af @fedilab
(So it seems like you don't want it up for public debate/discussion because you know it's a bad reason that many would disagree with)
Fedilab is such a superior application. Hands down, functionally cannot be touched. Fedilab for app of the fediverse! 👍

@bigl0af @fedilab @alexa
looks like @switchingsocial has something to hide since it does not want to state publically why it deplatformed @fedilab.

Here we go: censorship deprives people of using superior software because of hurt feefees. People need to learn that nobody forces them to read things they don't like. @switchingsocial is thus promoting an echo chamber, devoid of outside ideas, and supports a development of social media that pushes into the same direction as twitter, facebook, and other corporations. Ironically, @switchingsocial therefore stands for what it argues against.
I wonder too. It's probably not over Gab since Subway Tooter doesn't block Gab and is also listed.


Haha me to, never got any response but that's no surprise I guess #lol

@fedilab @inditoot @switchingsocial

Oh lol, I didn't even know there was a website for that shizzle! :0170:

@alexa @fedilab @inditoot @switchingsocial @x

they blocked me, too. for RETWEETING their recommendation of LibreOffice lmao.
@inditoot @fedilab @switchingsocial
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