Why removing Fedilab from

It was previously listed as an app in the Mastodon page, also for Peertube and Friendica.

@fedilab @switchingsocial this is pretty childish to be upset at being removed from a list of apps... must everyone revommend your app?

@trwnh @fedilab @switchingsocial tag me into this hell thread, stress testing my notification system

@fireglow @switchingsocial @fedilab no need, looks like fedilab just silently blocked me instead. 🤐

@fireglow @switchingsocial @fedilab the only thing juvenile is tom's behavior. they're taking things WAY too personally.

@trwnh @switchingsocial @fedilab I think it's a legitimate question, if the app was on the list previously, and got silently removed.

@fireglow @switchingsocial @fedilab making a public stink about it for drama is juvenile. they're just drawing the attention of their followers... why? the mature thing to do would be to DM for an explanation, not incite dogpiling.

@trwnh @switchingsocial @fedilab "public stink", no. "incite", no. There is also no dogpiling.
You see what you want to see :)
I believe it is not fruitful to continue with this discussion.

@fireglow @switchingsocial @fedilab the express purpose of posting something publicly is for others to see it, no?

@trwnh @fireglow @switchingsocial @fedilab stealthily removing Fedilab from a public list warrants some explanation, right? Hopefully transparency and trust will prevail.

I didn't pay attention to your account as I didn't recognize the pp. I just thought it was a troll starting a discussion. Sorry.

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