No problems with @switchingsocial even if the app is no longer listed (I was just surprised), that doesn't mean they don't suggest really good alternative applications to protect your privacy :)

WTF??? Why is fedilab not listed? I mean, tusky is quite nice, but fedilab has way more features and can be used for more than mastodon... Were you listed and removed or never listed?


Switching social doesn't seem to have objective criteria.

Even matrix (Riot) has been removed from their list of WA alternatives, IIRC because New Vector can track parts of your activity on Android. On the other side Signal is listed although it's central and can track everything, and it's even tied to phone numbers which prevents pseudonymous usage.

As a former Debian developer, I still like their social contract which forbids any discrimination like Tusky does.

@jochen @fedilab

Matrix was never on's list of Whatsapp alternatives, because I feel it is too complicated.

It is however listed as an alternative to Slack.

I know people will disagree with my decisions, that's why I released the site under a libre CC-By-SA licence so that people can modify and reuse the material on their own sites if they wish.

The foreign language forks have already diverged in their own directions and that's fine:

@switchingsocial why isn’t Pleroma on the list btw? It requires less resources than alternatives — which might make swithching easier for some


Pleroma is aimed at tech fans, is aimed at non-tech people.

People who know how to self-host probably know how to find alternatives for themselves, and there are lots of techy sites that already cater to them.

@switchingsocial wait, you just broke my mind.

You promote Mastodon, a software for self-hosting social network services.


No, I promote Mastodon as an alternative social network.

I recommend people sign up on existing instances.

@switchingsocial @maxim
But then why don't you list Pleroma as an alternative too ? It isn't more complicated than Mastodon for a simple user


I just don't think Pleroma is aimed at non-tech people.

For example, the official site for Pleroma talks about protocols, server implementations etc:

I'm not a techy yet I prefer pleroma. The official site might be a little more aimed at tech people but the usage isn't. It's as simple as mastodon and, from what I know, not that much instances are aimed at techy either. For example (in french sorry) (for queer folks) or (for queer, disabled, anarchist folks)

@switchingsocial But if you list it maybe more non-techy pleromas will come to exist?

@switchingsocial @amaranthe TBH it's easier to self-host pleroma than mastodon. Which might matter to "non-tech" folks...


Just to add my own statement too:

I respect Fedilab's work, I have been a fan since it was called Mastalab.

The current disagreement is because we have different opinions over where a particular important balance lies.

The main reason I asked to discuss things in DMs was so that discussions would be honest and respectful without dogpiling or outsiders treating this like some kind of sporting event.

We have enough threats from every direction, I don't want bridges burnt needlessly.

@switchingsocial @fedilab
Thank you, this is a very reasonable thing to do. I am glad you two not contributing to the fights here, that cause a bad atomosphere in the Fediverse for everyone who is involved
And I am a fan both of Fedilab and ;-)..

OK so I understand from this that it's not an unfortunate oversight. For some unknown reason you deliberately and silently removed fedilab from the listing of fediverse clients, despite it having more features and possibilities than the others.

Technically, that's quite a disservice to your users.

I can understand your preference for private discussion, but now that you have acted on it, would it be possible to have an explanation for such a radical decision?

@RLetot I think, this is quite an open secret why @fedilab is being ostracized, basically, at this point. Somebody is not okay with certain decisions of the Fedilab developer (which don't actually have any significant impact on them personally, but nevermind that, it's principle/ideology thing, so objectivity flies out the window, it's our way or no way).


As I can see, the conflict has appeared because some people don't see difference between moderation and censorship. And why one is totally OK, whether another one is really dangerous thing.
And I guess those people that insist on censorship, they have never leaved in a country with strict censorship...
@RLetot @fedilab @switchingsocial


i think this is the first non-offensive post i've read from that side of the argument. good luck the to two of you and thanks for working on your projects :)


@switchingsocial @fedilab what are the privacy issues with fedilab exactly? Since it was suggested before this means something changed and the users will benefit from knowing what the privacy issue is so that they can choose whether they still want to continue using the app.

@fedilab @switchingsocial

They are not objective and have with their latest actions PROVEN themselves NOT to put the users' security, anonymity, and privacy first. Instead, they will put their own political believes first.

I STRONGLY discourage anyone to trust any suggestions put out there by @switchingsocial. You are likely to miss out on better solutions to protect your privacy.
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