If you don't like the new icon, it's up to you to change it in settings :)

First time I see an app letting you change its logo, and yet it's so nice I don't know why I didn't see it anywhere else before :o

To be honest, Pornhub official app have that feature ^^'

How do I know that? A friend tells me it… a friend…

Oh my God I'll check that. I mean a friend of mine will love to check that. Also, for that friend, can we change the app name so it is well hidden ? Having to remove it from KISS and add it again etc is painful for me... My friend. Seeing my friend removing it... Well fuck it's for me. 😂
@zero_ @fedilab

I can't show how it's made in the app because my friend can't do snapshot in tge app, to show it to your friend

But I can show you the attached image. I change from the original logo + "pornhub" text to a discreet logo + "PH viewer" text

So you don't have to worry about your friend ^_^

Remember to grab the official one from the real site

@zero_ @fedilab

@fedilab what will you change your Mastodon account icon to?

Thank you, That's litteraly the first thing i've when opening it from this new update, was to check the changelogs to see if a icon selection menu was available. I hardly prefer the previous one.

Thanks for adding this. Braincrash is my favourite out of all of them.

@fedilab Will there be a "choose from file" option too some day?

But in the sharing menus is always the new icon.

Mhh ist noch gewöhnungsbedürftig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mhh is yet getting used to

@fedilab I actually like the new icon, it's a bit easier on the eyes

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