I published the release 2.21.0.

What's new:

- Preview for the automatic split feature
- In a simple click mentions can be added or removed from replies when checking the preview
- Fix the connection issue with
- Improve delayed notifications
- Fix some bugs and crashes


And it's already available on Google Play.

What trackers? ACRA? It's for bug reports. You have to enable them and then accept to send an email to me with the bug report.

Please, could you explain these logs?


Understood. Classy shark is the program used. Seems like they misidentify. I will let them know.

I think that's because ACRA crash reports can be sent to a remote server. But I only use them with emails. So that means, you first need to opt-in to be able to send them by email, and then manually click on the send button from your mailbox.
IMO, people that want to track users don't use Acra but Firebase :)

I will be more than happy to share crash data. I see a slider 'enable crash reports' in the settings. Ishtar the opt in you mentioned?

No, I choosed Bubbles. That appears for new notifications.

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