Should I work on a way to play gif inside the timelines?

PS: With Mastodon, gif are mp4, so it's not so simple to include them with the existing.

@fedilab I don't know if it's really important. U want to play, u clic on it. Simple and enough for me. If it’s gonna slow down Fedilab, i don't see the point.

Sometimes it can be boring to attach a gif for showing a reaction and people do need to open it before seeing the animation.

@fedilab Yes, i can imagine that. But, one more time, this world needs immediacy. We don’t know how to take the time. But i can understand that some users needs this.

I do not see it as really necessary, and I'd probably disable it (maybe consider it disabled by default?), but that boils down to personal preference.

I'd be more interested in inhibiting the lockscreen during video playback, or pausing audio trough a persistent notification (while scrolling).

@porkhaus I did it for peertube videos, I might have forgot it for others.

@fedilab Don't take this wrong but I think you ought to focus on debugging before implementing more new features. There is a lot of quirky behavior such as the app freezing when moving between accounts or different pages, lots of nested settings and UI inconsistencies. Fedilab is my favorite fediverse client because it is feature rich but I still find myself switching back to Tusky every so often because it is more reliable.

Thanks for the feedback. I was not aware of that. Yes, I agree that's more important to fix that asap.
Unfortunately, there were some lags in 2.20.1 that have been fixed in 2.21.0
Don't hesitate to report that behaviors and to give as much info as possible so I can reproduce them on my end.

@fedilab alright yeah I haven't put any bug reports in but I figured you knew about them just from using the app. Ones I can think of off the top of my head:

-Switching accounts keeps the too tabs open from the previous account sometimes

-changing a setting and moving back to the main screen causes crashes or black screen randomly (cannot pin to a certain setting)

If I notice or remember more I will be sure to report them as well.

@fedilab I think its an important feature for people to have the ability if wanted

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