I tagged a release (2.21.1) that should be available soon with .
Last time, I made a mistake with tags (for 2.21.0) that's why it's still not available.

Release notes: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/t

I also added some fixes with your recent feedback.

Don't forget that you can follow the bot @mastalab that posts as soon as a release is available with links to release notes and the apk built from sources.

Hey did you remove holding the post button down to select html/markdown? It doesn't work on 2.20.1

No, I was not aware. Thanks for letting me know.

To add on to this, I can only attach 4 images to a post now.

This is behavior I would expect if the app thought I was on a mastodon instance, as it meets those restrictions, but I'm on a pleroma instance and I could attach more than 4 before
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