Do you use cross-account actions?

Wow. 32% of people don't know what it is. I need to give more information.
If you have several accounts (Pleroma or Mastodon), you just need to long press some buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, compose, etc.) to finish an action without switching to another account.
In background, posts & accounts are automatically federated (if they don't exist) and the action is fulfilled.
In other words, that avoids to switch, search for the post/acct, make the action and go back.

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@fedilab It is essential for me and one of the things that I hate in the Twitter application. Not being able to choose from which account to give "like/fav" to a toot with a long press.

If you have several accounts connected, just long press some buttons (boost, follow, reply, fav..)

@fedilab I use them all the time (i.e. several times a day).

I only discovered that hat feature recently but it is really handy ☺️

Oh wow I've been doing this wrong for months

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