To beta testers, I published a release (2.22.1). This version clearly improves battery drain (tested with 10 accounts using delayed notifications).

I fixed some old bugs and I added old suggestions:

- Allow to reverse the list of toots in "Your toots"
- Bottom loader when loading long threads

- Interacting with a post resets quick reply
- Timed mute does not mute boosts
- Upload compression for videos badly resized
- Proxy not working when uploading media

It's live on Google Play. The battery drain should be dicreased strongly.
Why? The app will detect activities on your accounts (independently) depending of that, queries to your server(s) will be maintained or reduced until reaching a delay of 15 minutes. Also, as soon as you post, the app will wake up only for the account for catching new interactions.

As I don't want to use Google messaging and Co, it's a safe way to keep everything locally without being a battery drain.

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@fedilab Installed. And the issue with the notification icon is fixed. 🙂 👍

@fedilab Eh, now the notification icon changed again. 😮

😔 OK. I don't understand what's happening. Top notifications should keep the icon you choose.

@fedilab I choosed the Bubbles-Icon and Notification icons still look like this:

@fedilab I restarted it again and now it shows the right one. 🤔

@fedilab It changes back to the other one after the next notification comes in.

Fdroid version looks to be missing the latest release.

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