Still 11k active installations of the really outdated free version on Google Play.
I read some misleading messages. Google removed the free version due to donation links. Remove means you can't even find it in your library though you downloaded it. That has nothing to do with a personal choice ;)
To this 11k users, please, go on to get last updates for free.

@fedilab What kind of monsters use Google Play? 😂

I did get my fedilab verdion off play store, o know there has been updates but i never recived them. Thanks for the heads up. I will move over to the f-droid install later today.

I got the paid version 🙃 and the updates . If only I knew there was a free version... I'm going to check F-droid first from now on lol

See it as a support for the development of the app :)
Also, you can join the beta channel.

For Fdroid apps, you won't only have free apps but also apps that respect your privacy :)

It's ok I support the fediverse! And the app! 😀. Its my way of getting away from mainstream world

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