2.22.2 is available on fdroid 🎉

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I recently updated to 2.22.0 and I've found that swiping through images is now difficult as the images would much rather swipe up and down (away) than left to right. Can this be tuned slightly at some point? Thanks.

Yes, it will be hard (time point of view), I need to find a better way to maintain it.

So you recommend the normal version?

Latest version on F-Droid is 2.20.0

I recommend nothing :)
The lite version is built for offering a lighter version with only one page settings and removes some libs. Also, it's only available on
I maintain the code on @codeberg
The new release should be available very soon.

Last point, the most recent version on fdroid is 2.22.2 and the lite version will run it.

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