What do you think of the new design of timelines with the lite version of ?

@fedilab the green blue icon looks like better on mastodon.

but in the app looks fedilab lite and fedilab icons wonderful

@fedilab So I compared the lite version with the standard one on @fdroidorg. Are the privacy enhancements from the lite version (link replacements...) also in the standard version? And more generally, what are the different features that are present in one version but not the other?

@fedilab Perfect so far, what I was looking for.

@fedilab The UI on lite stutters much more than on the regular version

Yes, I agree, there is some works to do around that.

@fedilab I think the Lite App is better. I like that it is not so overloaded.
It would be nice if you could set color accents now.

It's great! I think the way regular Fedilab looks is kind of confusing when looking at comment threads. It's hard to see what comment is a reply to which other comment. It's hard just seeing the tiny lines. I think cloning the timeline design from the Lite edition would be a major improvement!

@fedilab I have a little issue with the lite version : I have no pictures except emojis 😅

@fedilab it's really better ! Both the timelines with block for each toot, and the blue line linking answers together which is not overlapping text anymore !
Really clean design ! #melikey

Btw new logo in grey shades looks better, nice decision ! (Even though i liked the lightning-bolt-shaped F even more)

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