I would like to use Fedilab with Hubzilla 😢

I would need the help of some Hubzilla users telling their expectations. I don't use it currently and I don't know how it can fit with Fedilab. But why not.

You have to wait that pixelfed.social enables mobile support. That should be done with the 0.10.7 release.

@fedilab any idea what is wrong whit pixelfed.de? Have the same Problem there 🤔

@LPS @Faket

@fedilab strange, I still have the Problem after the auth request to get beack to the "add Account" screen. Running 2.24.0

@LPS @Faket

So that's not the same issue. Please, open a ticket.

Also, make sure it's not a duplicate of framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/iss
@LPS @Faket

@fedilab thx 👍🏻
But no, I don't get an ssl cert error, and yes I do have 2FA aktive and I see the auth Page. I will try to remove 2FA and log in again, if it fails again I will open a Bug Ticket 😉

@LPS @Faket

@fedilab @LPS @Faket
I got the same issue. I will look in the issue tomorrow and provide you the infos you need.

@fedilab aah i was hoping pixelfed.social to start supporting fedilab after the weekend. Looks like more patience is required 😅

Of those polled, yes. Also, they won't be exclusively Pixelfed users.

@fedilab bit of an OT but technically speaking what advantage does Pixelfed have over Mastodon?

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