@fedilab do you display the ToS/features enabled to the user?

Also, with the upcoming 2.0 release, more information relevant to the user will be given by admins about their instance: github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube
Do you plan on showing some of them?

For tos, I link to the web page. I dind't check if they can be retrieved with the api.

I didn't have a look to upcoming in 2.0, for sure I will add them.

Will you implement a special layout for peertube like you mentioned for pixelfed?

Sorry, forgot about that as it is in a different tab I rarely use.

@vitSkalicky You can hide it ;)
Screenshots are from my Peertube account.

I think peertube will eventually be game changing for the fediverse. Good work on the app!

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