The Art and Peertube timelines were added by default initially to discover artists and Peertube.
Currently, the peertube timelines only contains "how to" videos for Fedilab.
What should be done?

It would also be nice to have a way to filter posts and videos by language. That way you get more relevant content per square inch.

@fedilab I would like the Peetube tab, if we could set it as an instance of our own choice, that would be really cool, I think. Ultimately I lean towards hiding these things by default and keeping Fedilab really simple with the piles of features you have added under the hood. I really like that approach.

@fedilab Maybe have the tabs log in under the appropriate account? Like a Pixlefed tab that switches to your account on that tabs instance. If that makes sense. Rather than having to manually switch accounts entirely the way it is now. Same with Peertube.

I actually create my own custom timeline for following Peertube channels and instances and that sort of thing, I never have used those defaults. I'd say it would be nice if I could modify their contents myself.

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