Don't forget to turn on Invidious (for YouTube links) and Nitter (Twitter links) with the app. Better privacy protection is not a luxury.

In a media description, I talked about Peertube instead of YouTube. Yes, that's not the first time that I made this mistake. Maybe because it's a good thing to think more about peertube than Youtube.
BTW, I will add a feature that allows to update media descriptions.

@fedilab thats like one of my favorite features <3

@fedilab Have you released an update for the app? I would love to check it out but it was very laggy last time I checked.

I am on a deep work. Next release should be 2.25.0. I will check every regressions before publishing it.

@fedilab @archismita you need to change that. 👍🏻 Fedilab would be badass on iOS!

@fedilab Why not on by default? (with a warning explaining that it is YouTube and Twitter)

It's by default on the lite version without any ways to turn it off.

@fedilab Really nice feature, I wish more clients would have it

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