I published the second release in the beta channel. Now you can export and import your themes.
It also comes with bug fixes.

@fedilab Awesome, now if some people who arent colourblind like me could post some nice themes for me to try that would be appreciated 🥰

@fedilab thanks for the quick reply feature, but maybe you can fix a pet peeve of it?

The quick reply screen hides the reply button and also the screen to add the alt text to images hides the buttons behind the keyboard. FYI the extended reply screen doesn't hide them.

And I've just noticed that the extended reply screen says "TOOT!" and the quick reply says "REPLY" to send the message. Thanks for your consideration and thanks for all the time you're investing in this great app! 😎

It's strange, I still don't get the Fedilab beta 2 update on Google Play (beta channel).

@JotaSeth I forgot to validate the last confirmation (you need to click third times to publish a release). Sorry.

Don't worry about it. I thought it might be some geographical market restriction (although I have no idea if they can be applied to specific versions) 🤣

I'll check later if the update has already been deployed to test it.

@JotaSeth It should be available in one hour. Thanks for warning me ;)

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