2.25.0 has been published 🎉

Several new features have been added!

There is a new entry in the wiki about the theme feature:

Release notes:

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I didn't mention it, but theme customization is also available for .
Don't hesitate to share your new themes with us. We will add soon a theme page in with screenshots. They will be suggested for import.

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I don't know if there will be plans to create a place to share some user-designed themes (other than those you include by default with Fedilab), but in the meantime maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to share them with the HT #FedilabThemes

@fedilab does this mean that fedilab can now be used with :O

For the instance you need to wait the release 0.10.7 but otherwise it works on instances that enabled mobile support.

@fedilab thank you very much! That's very useful, since I only have an account there ;)

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