If you like to have some stats or find old toots with the ability to filter/fetch them, there is a feature for that. You can allow the app to fetch them in background and everything is done locally on your device.
They will be cached and available off-line.

⚠️ It seems there is an issue with the built-in browser and Android 5.
If you get crashes when logging in, just enable custom tabs.

A nice pixelfed account to follow @mondstern
You will find some logo designs that you are used to see on fdroid but they are self-painted by @mondstern
The new logo of Fedilab is in the list :)

I caught the bug that makes the app crash when uploading a media. That happens in certain circumstances when using a draft for a reply. I am on it.

I published the release 2.21.0.

What's new:

- Preview for the automatic split feature
- In a simple click mentions can be added or removed from replies when checking the preview
- Fix the connection issue with
- Improve delayed notifications
- Fix some bugs and crashes

If you are an user, I built a simple app that allows to display different maps ordered in categories.

You can use your location and switch easily from a map to another one.

It's really simple currently and we are testing it. The idea is from @Bristow_69

Source: framagit.org/tom79/openmaps

Download: framadrive.org/s/xak7f4rjMkYdW

If you don't like the new icon, it's up to you to change it in settings :)

I published 2.20.0 🎉

What's new:

- Support for with a dedicated layout.

- In-app features:
* Scheduled posts, drafts, scheduled boosts, remember position, bookmarks, timed mute, import/export blocked domains.

Wow. Impressed with such results. Your privacy is really a priority.

I released 2.20.3-beta-3 in the beta channel. The daily goal has been reached with even more features.

I released 2.20.0-beta-2 in the beta channel. A dedicated UI when composing with has been added (more focused on media).
It also supports multiple media in the same post for timelines (swipe to see next - Cf previous message).
It also brings some other improvements.

You will be able to watch and leave comments directly in timelines.

I really like the layout that @kasun suggested for boosts 👍

My first tests with

Of course, I will introduce all in-app features:

- Cross-account actions
- Bookmarks
- Schedule posts
- Timed mute

I love the solution from @kasun for the new logo. It's up to you to choose your preferred one and you can change when you want :)

I might be the most impacted. I was used to this logo for days :)

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