In the next release, you will be able to add custom domain names for blocking instances.

PS: you can already do it from the context menu of toots and profiles by clicking "block domain".

2.7.0 has been published 🎉

What's new:

- Admin and moderation support
* Manage reports (close, reopen, assign to me, filter solved/unsolved)
* Manage accounts (accept / reject pending subscription, warn, silence, disable suspend with all undo functions). The list of accounts can be filtered)
*Send a message by email.
* quick access to an account from each toot.
* account info: creation date, status of the account, ip, local/remote etc.

- Audio ready (listen and upload)

Admin features will come soon thanks to the instance of @kasun :)

- Filters now work, let's go for actions.

Did you know that you can automatically expand cw and hidden media?
If you enable the nsfw media feature, a red icon will be displayed at the top left of the media for warning you.
That can be useful before boosting.

When editing your profile, don't forget that you can mark all your media as sensitive by default.

2.6 has been published. It's now possible to sign up with the help of an instances picker.
The upload feature has been fixed and the panel for custom features has been improved. It also fixes the automatic split feature.

More :

Thanks to @kasun, the panel for custom features will be displayed next to the button 👍

Did you know that you can filter your followed instances (Mastodon and Pleroma) with tags? Just long press the tab and define keywords with a blank separator. Then click on a keyword to filter it.

2.5.1 has been published. You will now have a quick access to in-app features from statuses. You will also have a special timeline for news about the app (you can disable it in settings).


Did you know that the app learns your tags to suggest them in a case sensitive way?
Yes, because tags from the api are only in lower cases.

Each time you submit a toot, it will record locally in the database your case sensitive tags for suggesting them to you later (by replacing those in lower cases)

Of course you can manage them (add, edit or remove) in the compose activity.

I worked on the next release of the app which will offer a quick access to Fedilab's features.
There is a new button that allows you to quickly :
- Translate, bookmark, timed mute, schedule a boost, mention a status, get boosted/favourited by, and refresh cache.
Also, I added a "News" timeline so you can't miss important information about the app (can be disabled in settings)

[toot fr 🇫🇷]
N'hésitez pas à suivre l'instance avec Fedilab.
La @la_spa_montlucon est le premier compte à l'utiliser 🎉

I should publish a new release that fixes bugs that you reported.
Also, polls will work with .
The app will not limit the number of items to 4. It will check what values your instance supports for the number of choices but also the length allowed for them.


Framapiaf est un service de microblog similaire à Twitter. Il est libre, décentralisé et fédéré. Il permet de courts messages (max. 500 caractères), de définir leur degré de confidentialité et de suivre les membres du réseau sans publicité ni pistage.