account has been moved to
Please, contact me on this new account. Thanks.

I will use this account for updates (new instance):


The new page for downloading themes.

You can now submit your themes on framagit and I will add them :)

2.25.0 has been published 🎉

Several new features have been added!

There is a new entry in the wiki about the theme feature:

Release notes:

In the next release, you will be able to get information concerning the instance of the visited account by clicking on the software name.
The instance owner accounts will be clickable to display their profile.

I published the third version in the beta channel.
- Bookmarks (support for instances + sync locally)
- Add new colors to customize
- Fix a bug with settings on some devices.

Bookmarks with the API are working and I also added the cross-account actions support.
I will work on a way to sync your local bookmarks with your instance.
The idea is to keep the way to read them offline.

I published the second release in the beta channel. Now you can export and import your themes.
It also comes with bug fixes.

If you are new to , you might don't know that you can pin your search, add keywords and also create art timelines (media only).

I published the version 2.25.0 in the beta channel. It's up to you to customize the themes (Settings -> Colors).

There are also some layout changes.

To new users. You can long press a lot of buttons or tabs to get more features.
If you have several accounts, that allows to make the action with another account without switching.

Still working on full customization of themes. That's a deep work, but you will be able to customize them yourself. Then, why not introducing best ones you create inside the app.

2.24.1 is available on . It fixes the issue with missing features for Pleroma. Also, polls now support custom emojis.

In the next release, you will be able to customize the colors in your timelines.

I will add more elements and a way to export/share them with others.


I published 2.24.1 that fixes the issue with accounts (missing features).
Also, custom emojis in polls are now supported.
There are some other small fixes.

2.24.0 has been released. This version comes with the new layouts and fixes recent issues you reported.
It's already available on the Playstore.

Release notes:

In the next release, you will be able to choose between these two layouts (console mode is unchanged). Conversations should be clearer.


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