I just checked the rss feed from and I noticed that 2.23.0 and 1.10.0 have been successfully built. So they should be available very soon.

PS: You can perfectly use Fedilab Lite and the main version together for testing. Just think to disable live/delayed notifications for one of them.

New icon for .
Peertube issue is fixed and new layouts are working for the three themes (light, dark & black).
We are really close to a new release.

Project is here: codeberg.org/tom79/Fedilab_Lit

Is the lite[1] version of something important?

[1] All privacy points are turned on by default and there are no ways to change them. Also, it's a really lighter version targeting Android 5+

now fully works with 🎉
Also, last Mastodon/Pleroma improvements are there. Time to work on Peertube fixes.

Working on a update (especially with new fixes and for support)


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