Know if an account has a moderator or an admin role through verify_credential endpoint. It's important for app developers to know when displaying admin features ;)

Ok. It's a old feature that I need to improve. That's good because I am working on the admin features, so I will improve reports ;)
@nursemchurt @hache

I understand but I can't really create a new app for that. But you make me think that I need to add in settings an option for hiding the admin feature.

Do you also want an admin entry in the menu of the toots? For example you will be able to quickly warn a user or do more actions?

The backend is OK for admin features. I thought to a left entry "Moderation" that opens an activity with two tabs:

- Reports and Accounts

It will be possible to filter accounts (I think that pending, disabled, silenced, suspended is enough)
Reports will be filtered with "resolved" (all /true, false).

Unfortunately, I can't test it right now (it will need an instance running the dev branch)

Then actions will allow to suspend, silence, mute, enable, approve, reject with undo actions.

@JapanAnon @kasun
That's hard-coded and easy to change. You only need to remove it and publish a fork of the app in Google Play :)

@txt_file There is a fix in the last version when connection is lost and the toot was not saved in drafts.

Wow! The moderation API will be available with Mastodon 3.0. See: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

I will add this support asap :)

Open the left menu -> Reorder timelines -> click on the "+" button at the top right.
For removing elements just swipe them to right (undo action at the bottom). To reorder them just swipe them up or down. To hide them click on the eye icon :)

Uncheck custom tabs if you want to use it externally. Otherwise, it's your browser inside the app and not the built-in browser.

The Twitter post URL seems to have this FB parameter. But Fedilab automatically removes them when clicking.
The link you mentioned is related to the Twitter URL and not the first one from the OP.

You can send a report via the app. Click on three horizontal dots of a toot.

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