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scheduling works. Time to change the menu and to access to scheduled messages

I didn't realise that my server was down. videos are back. Sorry.

Does allow to schedule from the server via its API🤔 (I don't know if they use this part of the Mastodon API) ? Just to know if I can allow Pleroma connections with the scheduling service.

The website for scheduling statuses is still a work in progress, but it should be available soon. It works without any databases.

The next release of Mastodon will introduce custom gif emojis. That means you will be able to see animated custom emojis from Pleroma (instead of their shortcode).

Working on a file upload for images, videos, voices.

Authentication is working, let's go for next steps.

OK. Release ready! I will compile in few hours after more tests.

As soon as I have a little more time I will work on a Mastodon scheduler website.
I will not use a database, as myself I wouldn't trust any third party storing my data.
So it would only use the schedule feature from Mastodon and nothing would be stored in a db. Of course, it will be open source.

Fixes with improvements should come tomorrow.

I recently had a new gab matter with false allegations (lack of knowledge concerning how Google Play works, ie: replies from the dev are not updated/removed when the OP changed the original message).
Now, ping me on my secondary account at @tom79 otherwise, it's useless.

Should I allow an option to backup/(sync locally) statuses only when a wifi network is available? IMO, it's useful during the first sync or for people writing a lot of messages.

To people having some lags or crashes, could you enable bug reports from settings and send these reports? Thanks 🙏

Does Fedilab work with follow notifications for 🤔?


By default, it will be disabled.
PS: It's an incremental backup run every hours.

I plan to improve the application with
I will use my account at @tom79
If there is some Friendica devs for helping me in that process, your help is welcome :)

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